Industrial Solvents

We are prominent organization involved in manufacturing and supplying Industrial Solvent.

Industrial Chemicals

We supply industrial chemicals both at wholesale and retail prices, in large and small quantities.

Personal Protective Equipment

We offer a wide range of products including safety footwear, workwear, site supply &more.

Rubbers and Polymers

We are specialists in the manufacturer and supply of products including Rubers

Primers and Adhesives

We manufacture and supply of these Adhesive Primer product at reasonable range.

Lubricants & Oils

We also supply lubricating oils in bulk to Government and large industrial

Southchem Chemicals Ltd

We Provide The Solutions to Grow Your Business

At Southchem Chemicals Ltd., we are dealers in the production and distribution of industrial solvents, industrial chemicals, personal protective equipment (PPE), rubbers and polymers (PVC), lubricants, primers and adhesives, lubricants, and oils.

our expertise

Why Choose Us?

With more than 10 years experience in chemical industry, Southchem Chemicals Ltd is one of the premier chemical material suppliers in Kenya. Our aim is to provide customers the high quality products, most competitive pricing, the shortest delivery time and the unequaled service. To reach this, we keep our advantages

High Quality Products

Our customers know that they are getting a product that will give them dependable and consistent performance. If a concern about our product quality ever arises then we have the ability to analyze retained samples of every product that we manufacture that is still within its

Anytime Support

We are often told our support is exceptional, and that is really important to us. Our first-time response to your queries is usually within half an hour, and our resolution time is fast. This puts us in the top percentage globally in terms of client care.

Import & Exports

We are able to work with our global shipping partners to expand our sourcing reach. Our services are an end-to-end service where our team will coordinate shipping, customs clearances, and supply chain logistics.

Most Competitive Pricing

With more than 10 years working experience, we always offer the most competitive pricing to customers to help lower their cost in application.

Exceptional Customer Service

Southchem Chemicals Customer Service Representatives have dedicated account responsibility so they are knowledgeable on the product type, packaging preference and freight considerations for every customer that we work with. Quality to customer service is our priority.

Practical Expertise

We are vertically integrated with technical capabilities beyond other raw material suppliers. We understand not only the parameters in sourcing raw materials, but also the implications of process manufacturing when blending such materials.

Various Packaging Needs

We are happy to distribute our inventory in whatever way fits your specific requirements. We are well versed with safety and GHS compliance when transporting various chemicals, minimising your risk exposures.

+10 years experience in chemical industry

With our good experience, we offer detailed technical support and advice to assist customers.

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